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Types of resources

OWLTEH consists of different types of contributions organised around three collections: Catalogue: Instances of the Open Web: applications, platforms, techologies, or concepts Perspectives: A series of videos contributed by educators and learners who are actively engaged in using the Open Web within their practice. Stories: A selection of accounts narrating how specific instances of the […]

What is OWLTEH?

OWLTEH is an initiative that aims to gather resources and examples of inspiring practice related to the Open Web and its use for educational purposes. It is the result of the generosity of educators and learners who want to share their knowledge and experience of the Open Web, enabling others to understand and take advantage […]

Who is OWLTEH?

OWLTEH has been initiated by a group of educators at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab with the help of colleagues around the globe. The initial idea was refined and further developed through the 5th cohort of the Mozilla Open Leaders programme. You can read more about the process on the


OWLTEH aims to cover as many instances (applications, platforms, etc.) of the the Open Web as possible and to gather accounts of their use for teaching and learning within a highly diverse range of contexts. In each of the collections of resources you will find detailed instructions on how to share your expertise. As a […]